Thursday, June 17, 2004

My Dumb Ass Boss

Please Refer to entry titled "Long Day"

Okay...when my mom gave me the news of the death in the family, I was just walking into my building to start my day. So, I immediately went into the stairwell and I just sat and cried and talked to my mom. That was around 8:00 a.m. Now, a woman came to me and asked if she could do anything for me. I told her what floor I worked on and to notify my boss of where I was and what was going on. So, I didn't make it to my office until 9:00 a.m. So I tell the Degrootenator (the name for my boss) what happened and everything and he just naturally assumes that I was gonna stay in the office. Now...I did plan to stay all day just to keep me from being home and being lonely. But...this bitch just gave me some weak ass "words of encouragement" and then had some "tasks" for me. Okay...that shit totally pissed me off. I hate my fuckin' job. I really do. I hope I do the damn thing in this upcoming interview that I have. It pays more and it ain't so damn stressful. These folks in this damn office act like this place is gonna fall apart without them. They act like this is first priority and then other shit comes afterwards. My boss actually took his wife to San Fransisco for a vacation and this man called in the office everyday for this and that and that and this and....if I were his wife I would've been all up in his shit for doing that mess! You know?

Well, I need to get back to work and do some cubicle stuff and try to get outta here. I almost feel bad for somewhat wanting to leave early. I"m extremely exhausted from all the crying I did this morning. Stressful events can take so much out of you.

Long Day

I have had an extremely long day. I found out that a very close family member of mine has passed away early this morning. My mom called me as I was on my way into Cubicle World and gave me the bad news. The news was so startling to me being that this was a sudden death. Bug (the loved one) was not even sick, but he suddenly had 2 major strokes. One last afternoon and one later on that night. Most of the family and the loved one that passed lives in Nowhere, Tennessee. Now, I just came from up there to take my son for the summer. But, since I'll be going for the funeral I am just going to bring him back with me.

Death is always a hard thing for me. The death itself is painful because you begin to think of all the good times that you had with this person, all the years that have gone by that you've taken so many things for granted, and then you think of the reality that you'll never see this person again here on earth. Besides the death itself, the most hurtful thing for me is seeing other mourn. I hate to see other other people hurt, sad, and crying. It just does something to me. I think the first time I cried at a funeral was when i was around 8 years old maybe. My mom's cousing (whom I had never met) was killed. The sight of seeing all of my family members and those that I didn't know hurting totally upset me. So...I cried.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Dumb Ass Comment of The Day coworker and I (whom I will call Celeste to keep her from being beat down) were standing by the microwave when our other coworker Jenny came by with an envelope...

Jenny: "Celeste, do you think I need to add another stamp to this envelope? I have a lot of documents in it."
Celeste: "Yeah, you might want to add a stamp."

*I invite myself into the conversation*

Me: "Girl, you don't need another stamp. That should make it through snail mail without any problems."

So Jenny goes on to the post office to mail her shit. She comes back and we three then have this exchange:

Jenny: "Celeste was right. I did need an extra stamp."

*So Celeste knows her shit...somewhat*

Me: "Well didn't seem that heavy to me."
Celeste: "She probably needed an extra stamp because of how loosely the papers were folded in the envelope."

* * * * crickets chirping * * * *

Okay...what the hell does "how loosely the damn papers are folded" have to do with the WEIGHT of the damn envelope? Everyone on this great earth knows that the cost of postage on an envelope depends on it's weight...not how loosely some damn papers are arranged in the envelope. If Jenny folded the papers neatly and made them flat, the shit would still weigh the same.

Some people just don't get it!

Suicide Attempts On The Interstates

Read This Article So You'll Know What I'm Talking About

Okay...I live in Atlanta, GA and we have pretty bad traffic and a few weirdos among us here in the city. Some of these weirdos have been strategically placing themselves on the bridges of the interstates threatening to jump onto another part of the interstated below. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT? The 1st time this happened all of the freakin' lanes in the middle of downtown Atlanta were shut down for ONE DAMN PERSON!!! And the man didn't even do the deed and jump? That's crazy! A lot of folks had just turned their damn cars off and hung out on the damn freeway, drinking beers, shootin' the shit, killing know...what most folks would do in that situation. I bet they were high off of the damn exhaust fumes from all of the cars just sittin' there.

Well, we might as well make this stupid shit a freakin' spectator event here in the ATL because since that event about 3 months ago...I think this is the fourth time they had to shut down the interstates and there were five events when people actually jumped. The Department of Transportation might as well set up some coolers and grills on the side of the highways and shit so when someone dumb ass does this the next time...we can just make it a party. Might as well have food and fun while folks are yelling for the person on the bridge to just jump and get it over with.

What do you think?

3 Days and Counting...

Three more days...Three more days. With all this counting down I'm doing, I better be out and about this birthday weekend. If ANYTHING gets in my way I'm gonna lose it. I am so damn anal about things going the way that I planned. I talked to my best homey in the world, Autumn, earlier this morning (we talk every morning) and made sure she was down with going out tomorrow night. So, as of this moment...VISION IS ON TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! But there's only one problem...I haven't gotten my damn VIP pass yet. I was supposed to get it in my email box yesterday. Maybe it'll come later on today. It better! And if it doesn't, I am gonna have to personally call the club and bitch them out. I DO believe in free passes to the club!!! I believe in it! It's my religion!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

grey shirt


Um...why do people start to leave voicemails, listen to it, erase it and re-record it...over and over and fuckin' over again? Your voice is still the same, you're basically saying the same shit.

4 Days and Counting...

My birthday is in FOUR days. See that? F - O - U - R days!!! In four days I will be 23 years old. I actually feel like I'm getting old. TWENTY THREE? That's 2 years from 25...which is only 5 years from 30. That shit is alarming. I've been debating for months about what the hell I should do for my birthday. Whatever I do, I am determined to be faded.

Now...the plan was to get a limo for my birthday. This guy that I talk to every so often is co-owner of a limo service and I wanted him to give me a hook up for my birthday. A limo or something for my birthday. Well...this fool was cool with it at first. He asked me how many folks, I told him how many folks, then he goes..."Are they all guys?" Um...HELL NO! I have guy friends that I wanted to invite to party with me for my damn birthday. This stupid ass nigga had the nerve to tell me that the guys would have to pay. Now...if this shit is free...what the fuck are they paying for? You know? That shit pissed me off. What the hell do I look like asking my pimp friend BJ, "BJ, I want you to hang out with me for my birthday Saturday nigt. We're gonna have a stretch Hummer, liquor, etc....oh and're gonna have to help pay for the damn thing...even though I'm not paying for it." WTF?!?!?! Ain't nobody gonna be down with that dumb shit. So, Mr. Limo man was basically hatin'. So I told Mr. Limo that shit was not gonna work. So then he offers their white Bentley..."You and a couple of your girls can get the Bentley for the night. I'll drive y'all around and shit and yadda yadda yadda and blah blah blah. Um...this is the same guy that had "issues" with me having guys in the damn why in the hell would he expect for me to agree to that shit? That's crazy!!

So, now that a limo is NOT in the works, I'm gonna hit Vision Thursday night, Vision again Friday night (maybe the Velvet Room), and some other club Saturday night. I'm basically trying to party the entire weekend. OH! And Insomnia Sunday night. I heard that damn place is like $50 at the door after 11:00. That's crazy. Looks like I'm gonna have to make some contacts. No paying $50 for me!! And I think I may have a cookout or something Sunday afternoon. But that costs money. And I don't have NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!