Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What's Vacation Mama????

"It's when you go somewhere Forrest...and you never come back." I WISH!!! My friend, her friend, and I will be off on a jet plane to Miami where we will board our ship on this cool cruise line. We were orginally supposed to sail to Key West and Cozumel but, this hurricane season was not very, we will now be sailing to Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island. EVEN BETTER!!! So, I shall be posting pics, funny stories, weird stories, etc.

You know, I'm so gung ho about updating my blog, when probably no one even reads it; except for that guy, that works for that company, in that city, and that posts those dumb ass comments on my blog. "Booooooooo to you too guy that works for that company in that city! Booooooooo to you!!" Updating this blog is just an ego filler; it's the epitome of my current state of grandeur. Don't we always experience that when we change our hairstyle, or get a cute new outfit, or whatever? Huh? You don't get where I'm coming from? Oh Well....

Thursday, November 03, 2005

To My #1 Fan...

What is my problem? I almost forgot I had this blog until someone from a message board that I frequent told me that my blog was funny. :-) So...this post is dedicated to my #1 fan. You know who you are...LOL ;-)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I stated in my last post, I am done with relaxers. My hair is au naturelle and I'm soooo happy! Well, I need some drama to go down or something so that I can write about something. I think I'm having blogger's block.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Year...New Ideas

So...I'm making a few changes this year. First of all, I haven't had a perm since September 2004. And to all of my fellow others who don't know what I'm talking about...I'm no longer using chemicals to straighten my hair...I'm gonna wear my own natural hair. Now, I'm not doing a spiritual get back to my roots kinda deal. I just like my natural hair because it's pretty and curly and stuff. LOL It's like...the "video girl: kinda hair. I guess.

Anywho! I'm also trying to lose some damn weight. I have absolutely gained too much weight over the past 3 years (my son is 3). It's his fault. Really. So, I joined a gym around the corner from my house and it's pretty cool. They have child care so I just go in there, take the damn aerobics class, and try to act like it's no sweat. You know how it is when there are other folks in the class and you don't wanna look like a wuss try your best to act like this ain't shit. I try that crap's no use. And you can tell the other women in there are doing the same thing. OH! The gym is in a predominantly black community right. So, there's this white lady that comes. And she's like...a white white lady. VERY skinny, shorty dark hair....she looks like a librarian. I mean, she came to class with some Keds on. Come On! Anyhow, my girl was workin' it! She kept up with our aerobics instructor that obviously included dance into the routines.

I'm all out of material now. Peace!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Where Ya Been??'s been like...forever since I've posted anything on my beloved blog. How lame and I when NBC Nightly News said us bloggers were the People of the Year? When I saw that I felt like a complete asshole being that I haven't posted anything. You know what's funny? I wonder if people even view this site. I know a few do because I'll get a few emails from "my fans." LOL

Well, I will soon be posting more. I sooooo have to add some old emails between myself and one of my friends. They're crazy...only because these are emails sent during the workday. Speaking of the workday....maybe I should do some work.

OH....and speaking of work, I got a new job back in August '04. Thank God! Those fools at my old job were killing me man! Folks with Master Degrees who didn't know how to make shit bold in Excel, a damn secretary who thought she was the boss, the same secretary who wouldn't let us drink coffee from her coffee maker because it was "only for her boss" his fat ass was really gonna drink a whole damn pot of coffee. He never did. She was always throwing the shit out because there was some always left at the end of the day! I mean....can a nigga get a cup of damn coffee? And please don't ask for cream and sugar...that's gonna cost you! I'm totally rambling.

I guess I'll get back to work. Even though I got a new job, I have still found myself in another cube. But there are some cube is huge!! :-) LOL And my monitor is a 17". What?!?!?!? (Lil Jon style) I'm ballin' out of control now! I even have a damn burner on my computer! Just Kiddin'! But I do have itunes! What?!?!? Now all I have to do is buy an ipod and then....there won't be no stoppin' me!

See Ya!