Wednesday, June 16, 2004

3 Days and Counting...

Three more days...Three more days. With all this counting down I'm doing, I better be out and about this birthday weekend. If ANYTHING gets in my way I'm gonna lose it. I am so damn anal about things going the way that I planned. I talked to my best homey in the world, Autumn, earlier this morning (we talk every morning) and made sure she was down with going out tomorrow night. So, as of this moment...VISION IS ON TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! But there's only one problem...I haven't gotten my damn VIP pass yet. I was supposed to get it in my email box yesterday. Maybe it'll come later on today. It better! And if it doesn't, I am gonna have to personally call the club and bitch them out. I DO believe in free passes to the club!!! I believe in it! It's my religion!

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