Friday, July 02, 2004

Porn Teacher

Okay...what's the deal with this 23 year old teacher banging the damn 14 year old? Has she lost her mind? And she is so pretty? She obviously has some mental issues. I actually read about this a couple of days ago but I read the case notes today. She is really disturbed or really horny or ... something. LOL Just take a look at the case notes.

Bill Cosby is...trippin? What do you think?

As I do every morning, I went to this morning to read the news and I came across this article on Bill Cosby. He is totally going off. At first I was somewhat offended but...he's making a whole lot of damn sense. A LOT!!! Bill Cosby is someone who is highly respected inthe black community and I think that we should all take heed to what he is saying. There are SO MANY kids that I come across that cannot talk. And even more...there are so many freakin' adults that can't even speak correctly. I remember some of my fellow students in college that still had fucked up grammar. Or they can actually speak correctly, but they can't fuckin' write! Now...before I start receiving hate mail...let me say that in my environment, I do come across more intelligent blacks. Blacks with degrees and those without that do not fall into this disenfrachised category in which Bill speaks of. But, there are still so many of us that just can't get it right. And I don't get it. I kinda think it's lazy. In school, grammar and college, we all have the same teachers and similar instruction and what not...but it's all about what you do with it. You know?

So, sorry if anyone is offended but...I think that Mr. Bill Cosby totally has a point. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The ATM Bandits

Read this damn article man...just read it

I cannot believe 3 ATM machines have been stolen since the damn 18th of June. And they're stealing them from banks, not the little corner store where the dope boys hang out. That is crazy. And my thing is...if there are surveillance cameras at the damn banks, and someone should be watching the come they are recovering the damn ATM machines days later? I just don't get it. I mean...I'm sure it takes them a while to get the damn thing on the truck, even if they are using bulldozers. And I know good and damn well that if security was on it's job...the bulldozer and ATM bandits shouldn't be able to get too far. I just think that's crazy.

I wish I could get away with stealing an ATM machine. Shit...all I need is a couple thousand dollars to take care of rent, power, gas, you know...little incidental shit like that. I don't need much...

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Bored In Your Cubicle?

Click that link above to the Top 100 Wonders of the World. It'll make the time pass by just a little quicker than what it is now.

The Damn BET Awards

Okay...did y'all see this "bigger and better" piece of bullshit? I know that it's BET and we're all supposed to support our people and shit but...IT WAS AWFUL. It was four hours of "oh my goshes" and "what's going ons" and "why are so many people performings?" Now, don't get me wrong, Kanye West was the off the shizzle for rizzle (i should be slapped for saying that). I loved the fact that Yoland Adams sang with him but it was somewhat unnerving because the gospel songstress was singing while he was saying, "'Hell yeah' and 'nigga this' and 'nigga that'" just kinda through me off. Let me just say who was good.

Kanye West of course
Alicia Keys working TWO instruments! Some folks can't work one.
Jay Z was good. I enjoyed his variety of artists for his band. Dave Navarro and Kid Rock with the damn Roots and Sheila E...HOT HOT HOT
G-Unit...I just love Lloyd Banks' song. And I just love to hear him rap. His voice is so.....deeeeeeep.

Rick James Bitch and Tina Marie...Were they both high? It was like a damn skit from Mad TV. Literally.
Usher running out of breath during his performances.
Rick James dissing the chick from backstage. "I'm Rick James Bitch!"

And why was the tribute to hip hop so damn long? IT WAS TOO LONG!!! So was the Isley Brothers' performance. Truly, after 10:00, I was ready to turn the tube OFF but I wanted to see G-Unit and Usher.

Where I Been At?

Has anyone been looking for me? Well, I partied it up for my birthday, and then I headed out of town for the funeral (which was extremely sad).

Okay...Monday was my first day back at the work place after a week and one day of not being here. According to my bomb ass coworker that I absolutely love **today is her last day :(** the Degrootenator and friends had an awful time in the office without me. WHATEVER!!! If I'm such a damn asset, why didn't they give me that damn raise that I requested months ago?!?!?!? I swear the man is out to get me. The man really wants me to go broke, have my cell cut off, have my power cut off, have me homeless, and still work for his ass. I tell you...the man ain't worth a damn. GOVERNMENT JOBS SUCK FAT ASS!! BIG JUICY ASS at that! LOL