Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Year...New Ideas

So...I'm making a few changes this year. First of all, I haven't had a perm since September 2004. And to all of my fellow others who don't know what I'm talking about...I'm no longer using chemicals to straighten my hair...I'm gonna wear my own natural hair. Now, I'm not doing a spiritual get back to my roots kinda deal. I just like my natural hair because it's pretty and curly and stuff. LOL It's like...the "video girl: kinda hair. I guess.

Anywho! I'm also trying to lose some damn weight. I have absolutely gained too much weight over the past 3 years (my son is 3). It's his fault. Really. So, I joined a gym around the corner from my house and it's pretty cool. They have child care so I just go in there, take the damn aerobics class, and try to act like it's no sweat. You know how it is when there are other folks in the class and you don't wanna look like a wuss so....you try your best to act like this ain't shit. I try that crap but...it's no use. And you can tell the other women in there are doing the same thing. OH! The gym is in a predominantly black community right. So, there's this white lady that comes. And she's like...a white white lady. VERY skinny, shorty dark hair....she looks like a librarian. I mean, she came to class with some Keds on. Come On! Anyhow, my girl was workin' it! She kept up with our aerobics instructor that obviously included dance into the routines.

I'm all out of material now. Peace!