Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What's Vacation Mama????

"It's when you go somewhere Forrest...and you never come back." I WISH!!! My friend, her friend, and I will be off on a jet plane to Miami where we will board our ship on this cool cruise line. We were orginally supposed to sail to Key West and Cozumel but, this hurricane season was not very, we will now be sailing to Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island. EVEN BETTER!!! So, I shall be posting pics, funny stories, weird stories, etc.

You know, I'm so gung ho about updating my blog, when probably no one even reads it; except for that guy, that works for that company, in that city, and that posts those dumb ass comments on my blog. "Booooooooo to you too guy that works for that company in that city! Booooooooo to you!!" Updating this blog is just an ego filler; it's the epitome of my current state of grandeur. Don't we always experience that when we change our hairstyle, or get a cute new outfit, or whatever? Huh? You don't get where I'm coming from? Oh Well....