Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Where I Been At?

Has anyone been looking for me? Well, I partied it up for my birthday, and then I headed out of town for the funeral (which was extremely sad).

Okay...Monday was my first day back at the work place after a week and one day of not being here. According to my bomb ass coworker that I absolutely love **today is her last day :(** the Degrootenator and friends had an awful time in the office without me. WHATEVER!!! If I'm such a damn asset, why didn't they give me that damn raise that I requested months ago?!?!?!? I swear the man is out to get me. The man really wants me to go broke, have my cell cut off, have my power cut off, have me homeless, and still work for his ass. I tell you...the man ain't worth a damn. GOVERNMENT JOBS SUCK FAT ASS!! BIG JUICY ASS at that! LOL

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