Thursday, July 01, 2004

The ATM Bandits

Read this damn article man...just read it

I cannot believe 3 ATM machines have been stolen since the damn 18th of June. And they're stealing them from banks, not the little corner store where the dope boys hang out. That is crazy. And my thing is...if there are surveillance cameras at the damn banks, and someone should be watching the come they are recovering the damn ATM machines days later? I just don't get it. I mean...I'm sure it takes them a while to get the damn thing on the truck, even if they are using bulldozers. And I know good and damn well that if security was on it's job...the bulldozer and ATM bandits shouldn't be able to get too far. I just think that's crazy.

I wish I could get away with stealing an ATM machine. Shit...all I need is a couple thousand dollars to take care of rent, power, gas, you know...little incidental shit like that. I don't need much...

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