Tuesday, June 15, 2004

4 Days and Counting...

My birthday is in FOUR days. See that? F - O - U - R days!!! In four days I will be 23 years old. I actually feel like I'm getting old. TWENTY THREE? That's 2 years from 25...which is only 5 years from 30. That shit is alarming. I've been debating for months about what the hell I should do for my birthday. Whatever I do, I am determined to be faded.

Now...the plan was to get a limo for my birthday. This guy that I talk to every so often is co-owner of a limo service and I wanted him to give me a hook up for my birthday. A limo or something for my birthday. Well...this fool was cool with it at first. He asked me how many folks, I told him how many folks, then he goes..."Are they all guys?" Um...HELL NO! I have guy friends that I wanted to invite to party with me for my damn birthday. This stupid ass nigga had the nerve to tell me that the guys would have to pay. Now...if this shit is free...what the fuck are they paying for? You know? That shit pissed me off. What the hell do I look like asking my pimp friend BJ, "BJ, I want you to hang out with me for my birthday Saturday nigt. We're gonna have a stretch Hummer, liquor, etc....oh and uh...you're gonna have to help pay for the damn thing...even though I'm not paying for it." WTF?!?!?! Ain't nobody gonna be down with that dumb shit. So, Mr. Limo man was basically hatin'. So I told Mr. Limo that shit was not gonna work. So then he offers their white Bentley..."You and a couple of your girls can get the Bentley for the night. I'll drive y'all around and shit and yadda yadda yadda and blah blah blah. Um...this is the same guy that had "issues" with me having guys in the damn limo...so why in the hell would he expect for me to agree to that shit? That's crazy!!

So, now that a limo is NOT in the works, I'm gonna hit Vision Thursday night, Vision again Friday night (maybe the Velvet Room), and some other club Saturday night. I'm basically trying to party the entire weekend. OH! And Insomnia Sunday night. I heard that damn place is like $50 at the door after 11:00. That's crazy. Looks like I'm gonna have to make some contacts. No paying $50 for me!! And I think I may have a cookout or something Sunday afternoon. But that costs money. And I don't have NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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