Thursday, June 17, 2004

Long Day

I have had an extremely long day. I found out that a very close family member of mine has passed away early this morning. My mom called me as I was on my way into Cubicle World and gave me the bad news. The news was so startling to me being that this was a sudden death. Bug (the loved one) was not even sick, but he suddenly had 2 major strokes. One last afternoon and one later on that night. Most of the family and the loved one that passed lives in Nowhere, Tennessee. Now, I just came from up there to take my son for the summer. But, since I'll be going for the funeral I am just going to bring him back with me.

Death is always a hard thing for me. The death itself is painful because you begin to think of all the good times that you had with this person, all the years that have gone by that you've taken so many things for granted, and then you think of the reality that you'll never see this person again here on earth. Besides the death itself, the most hurtful thing for me is seeing other mourn. I hate to see other other people hurt, sad, and crying. It just does something to me. I think the first time I cried at a funeral was when i was around 8 years old maybe. My mom's cousing (whom I had never met) was killed. The sight of seeing all of my family members and those that I didn't know hurting totally upset me. So...I cried.

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