Thursday, January 06, 2005

Where Ya Been??'s been like...forever since I've posted anything on my beloved blog. How lame and I when NBC Nightly News said us bloggers were the People of the Year? When I saw that I felt like a complete asshole being that I haven't posted anything. You know what's funny? I wonder if people even view this site. I know a few do because I'll get a few emails from "my fans." LOL

Well, I will soon be posting more. I sooooo have to add some old emails between myself and one of my friends. They're crazy...only because these are emails sent during the workday. Speaking of the workday....maybe I should do some work.

OH....and speaking of work, I got a new job back in August '04. Thank God! Those fools at my old job were killing me man! Folks with Master Degrees who didn't know how to make shit bold in Excel, a damn secretary who thought she was the boss, the same secretary who wouldn't let us drink coffee from her coffee maker because it was "only for her boss" his fat ass was really gonna drink a whole damn pot of coffee. He never did. She was always throwing the shit out because there was some always left at the end of the day! I mean....can a nigga get a cup of damn coffee? And please don't ask for cream and sugar...that's gonna cost you! I'm totally rambling.

I guess I'll get back to work. Even though I got a new job, I have still found myself in another cube. But there are some cube is huge!! :-) LOL And my monitor is a 17". What?!?!?!? (Lil Jon style) I'm ballin' out of control now! I even have a damn burner on my computer! Just Kiddin'! But I do have itunes! What?!?!? Now all I have to do is buy an ipod and then....there won't be no stoppin' me!

See Ya!

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